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Out for a weekend adventure

This year I decided it would be a great idea to try to camp at least 2 times each month. So, for our first adventure of the year I booked a camping cabin (mainly because originally it was supposed to be just Me and the kiddos) but also because you never know what you are going to get weather wise the first weekend in May... There was no way I wanted to sit in a tent if it was going to rain ALL weekend long. Fortunately, 1) Josh's boys weekend was cancelled so he got to join us and B) The weather was amazing! The days were sunny and warm (but not too warm) and the nights were cool. It was great! Things I learned:
  1. Always remember syrup for pancake mornings (or find a restaurant that will sell you a quart for $1)
  2. My kids do not know how to play kickball. This will need to change before the summer ends.
  3. Looking outside now half a month later it amazes me how quickly Minnesota greens up...
  4. According to my kids lakes in the beginning of May in Minnesota are colder than the lakes in Montana at the end of June, just in case anyone wanted to know...
Check out the shenanigans that ensued below. Stay tuned for more "learnings" as we continue to strive for our goal of camping twice a month!

The beautiful Regan... Senior Portrait Session

Friends, this is what it looks like to be on the verge of your next adventure. Regan choose to do her photos in an urban setting and shortly after meeting her I figured out why. She wants to be an Architect when she grows up. This is the beauty of being able to choose your location and for telling your photographer a little bit about yourself! As soon as I found this out we immediately went to the beautiful old architecture of NE Minneapolis. One thing I think Minneapolis/St. Paul does really well is incorporating the old with the new, and JUST enough nature.

How to capture the authentic you.

You have this amazing idea to get dolled up as a family and take some nice photos, some that will capture the moment of time in your family...  now what? Where do I begin to even look for a photographer? What questions should I ask? What happens if Billy decides not to want to play along? Look I've been there, yes even photographers start sweating over the details.

Below I've compiled a list of tips for capturing the authentic you in your family photos session, without breaking the bank!